Kacey Lipsky is a Long Island based professional hair and makeup artist with over 20 years experience in the industry. She started her career at the tender age of 16, learning and expanding her skills into an exceptional talent, which then landed her a full-time job doing hair by the time she graduated from high school.

Kacey’s entrepreneurial journey was already well established by the time she was 20 years old and she started her own business renting out space in salons, by then she was well past the point of needing to work for anyone else­ – as she had quickly fostered the ability to apply her talent, drive, and know how to being successful on her own. From that point, she grew her business and her clientele to a place where she was more than able to open and support her own store – which was her first big scale project – and entailed full service event planning. It was a sort of one-stop-shop for all large scale event needs, offering everything from hair, makeup, photography, invitations, the whole nine yards; if you were planning a wedding or big event, she was the person to go to.


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Mobile Salon

Furnished with sleek swivel salon chairs, a waiting room with long and comfortable black leather couches, and even a private dressing room. The minimalist but modern interior design includes splashes of pink and thoughtful decorative touches, creating a space that is warm and welcoming.

The bus is intended to make house calls and bring everything needed to primp and prepare for weddings and special events directly to the client. Never before has getting professional hair and makeup done on a day of such import been more convenient. Pricing is comparable, and in some cases even less expensive, than high end salons and the fact that they bring an entire crew to you (whether it be at the event location, a hotel, or a residence) this new take on salon quality services done by beauty experts directly on site is a service that is second to none.

Kacey and her staff members specialize in all up-to-date hairstyles and hairdos as well as both traditional and airbrush makeup.


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